Bonnie Lee Apps are educational Children’s stories
that teach a valuable life lesson!

Your child can now learn on the go with the Bonnie Lee Apps Collection for your iPad devices! Beginner readers can use all the great features of tablet devices, these educational apps make learning reading skills fun and motivational, with highly interactive touch activities that are ideal for early learners.

Bonnie Lee Apps are an excellent literacy app that teaches early reading in an interactive way. Kids slowly become more comfortable with reading full sentences with or without the help of the audio feature. Kids can tap on each and every word through the “tap n’ hear” feature to have words play back individually as they go through the sentences on each page.

Reading is key to improve your child’s command of the English language

Let’s Go!


Little Gift

Little Gift the Giant Panda cub will teach his young readers about pandas and his favorite food – Bamboo!

Bubbles’ Yellow Love

Bubbles the Buzzing Bumblebee will teach beginning readers about his favorite color yellow. Bubbles will also share with his readers the importance of self appreciation with his simple message of “bee all that you can bee”…Buzz, Buzz, Buzz – Let’s Go!

Peanuts for Raja

It’s moving day for Raja the Elephant, Raja is welcomed to the neighborhood by Patches the Cat.  Raja gets surprised by Patches generosity of peanuts; Raja’s favorite food. Beginner readers will learn to do basic addition and subtraction through Raja’s collecting and counting all the peanuts left for him at Patches’ house.

Squire’s Seasons

Squire the Squirrel will teach his readers about the four seasons.  Squire will also show his readers how he prepares for the wintertime when food is not plentiful.  Squire’s favorite food is the acorn; do you know how long it takes for an acorn to grow?  Squire the Squirrel does and he will teach his readers! Squire’s Seasons also includes a fun Dress Up Time! activity where one can put different outfits on Squire the Squirrel.

Oliver’s Amazing Arms

Oliver the Octopus teaches beginning readers the value of acceptance for those who look different. Oliver is faced with a dilemma; he must decide whether or not to help Clyde the Crab who has made fun of him for being unique. What will Oliver do?

Bubbles’ Sunshine

Do you love being out in the sunshine? Did you know that the sun is a star? Learn with Bubbles the Buzzing Bumblebee fun facts about this amazing star in our solar system. Also featured is a fun interactive dress-up game with Bubbles.

Ciao Pizza!

What’s your favorite food?  Patches the Cat loves pizza!  Patches will teach her readers a traditional pizza dough recipe with a little Italian style.  Join Patches and all her friends while they bake a delicious pizza pie together.

Shana’s Bakers’ Dozen

Shana the Butterfly loves New York City! Join Shana while she explores the city through her friends’ different cultures, languages and bakeries. Shana the Butterfly is in search of the baker’s dozen. What’s the Bakers’ Dozen? Let’s go and find it with Shana!